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Anti-bias | Preventing discrimination in schools
Part 2: Biases in school contexts

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Here, we want to raise awareness what might happen in school contexts. For this, we have a few examples.


The role of teacher expectations

Stereotype threats

Biases towards
migrated parents


The role of teacher expectation


The role of teacher expectations:


A study in Berlin by the BIM 2017 has shown that teacher biases can have direct effect on the success on pupils. Teachers had lower expectations towards certain groups of migrant children. Consequently, they did not interact with them as often as others.


Another study by the University of Mannheim 2018 showed that prospective teachers gave different grades to different „names“ of pupils. They had to correct exactly the same essay, one with the name „Max“ and one with the name „Murat“. „Murat“ got worse grades in average than „Max“.


> So here, it shows how important it is to have anti-bias trainings for teacher students.

Stereotype threat


Stereotype Threat


Research shows, that even the threat of a stereotype might have a direct impact on the performance of students, since it takes a lot of thoughts and energy to fight possible stereotypes!

Biases towards migrated parents


Biases towards migrated parents

During our PARENTable project, newly migrated parents told us their experiences. Some voices are here:



These parents found different strategies how to fight these biases.
They directly started to talk to people, they explained their situation, they confronted the school officials. But it is important to raise awareness for these stories so they don‘t happen again!


Exercise: The danger” of the single Story”


This video gives you a better understanding how we all grow up with biases.


What about you?

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