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Tips for parenting in times of pandemic and other crisis

Petra Becker, M.A. in Islamic Sciences, Political Sciences and Sociology, founder and CEO of "Back on Track e.V.”

Mariam Zugbhi, English teacher and team coordinator of “Back on Track e.V.”

Prof. Dr. Miriam Stock, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd

This module was developed during the corona pandemic. Many families had to stay at home due to lockdowns and beyond. This brought new challenges but also opportunities for parenting. So this module wants to give some tips how to be supportive parents in times of crisis. It gathers 11 tipps for newly migrated families and beyond in the following subjects:

  1. How to deal with stress, anger and anxieties in the family.

  2. How to support children in learning at home.

  3. How to spend creative time together.