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Successful Communication Between Educators & Newly Migrated Parents.

by Prof. Dr. Gernot Aich, head of the department for "Educational Psychology, Counseling and Interventions, University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd.


This module was developed so that both educators and parents explore their own experiences with school and the impact of those experiences on the way they deal with school now. Therefore the module gives a short overview of the roles of parents and teachers, the common difficulties in this relationship between parents and teachers. Furthermore the module gives hints for important questions at the beginning, during and for the final phase of the communication between parents
and teachers. Another part shows how to react empathic in order to achieve a basis for mutual understanding even in conflicts and disruption. The last part of the module gives an insight of the four basic attitudes of transactional analysis for the purpose to show, when communication is functional and when it is dysfunctional.
The main goal of the module is a better understanding between parents and teachers, opening space for each other and clarifying expectations towards each other in order to create an open atmosphere, build trust, so that even difficult problems can be solved in order to help the child.


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Goals of communication between parents and teachers

In the events of disruption and conflicts

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