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Ask yourself or others these questions: 


  • How has your context change over time?

  • What have you recognized as school context?

    • Responsibility

    • Inability – ability

    • Searching – tentativeness

    • Recognition

School Yard Experience over Time:

Childrens’ Games

by Pieter Bruegel

We all have experiences from games in our school yards. Do you remember these games? And who you played with? To arrive into a new context as a parent, how can we do to help to open this new context?​ Start a conversation about school yards, beginning with this painting from the 16th century. This to give us a frame for the coming talk and how different interpretations of the painting can develop.


Check the games included in this picture here



Yellow Slime Fun
Badminton Equipment
Domino Cookies
VR Headset
Outdoor Games
Boy Blowing Bubbles
Old Fashioned Soccer Ball
Gaming Time
Arcade Racer
Chess Game
Girl Riding a Tricycle


Compare the old with the new​

How do you look at a school yard in a new context? How can you understand it and how have school yards changed over time and place and in relation to your own experience?  What kind of activities can you see on school yards today? Are there new rules in this context related to former experience? 


How has you context changed over time?

reflect on the topics below:


how have your responsibilities changed from old to new context?


how have your inabilities or abilities changed from old to new context?

or Tentativeness

how have your sense of curiosity  or tentativeness changed from old to new context?

Sense of Recognition

how have your ability to recognize others and of being recognized changed from old to new context?

new & old contexts.jpg
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