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Ask yourself or others these questions:

  • ​ What is it, being recognized  by the Other? 

  •  What is it, not being recognized by the Other? 

  •  What is it to recognize the Other? 

  •  What is it not recognizing the Other? 

Recognition is about paying attention to one another.


To recognize


What does it mean to pay attention to a person, their situation, their memory, their experiences and their questions and answers?

To be recognized


What is the feeling when the others pay attention to your person, your situation, your memory, your experiences and your questions and answers?


The Activity


do we always recognize and pay attention to the others?  This activity is to discuss this topic with the help of Homo Capax, a concept constructed by Paul Ricœur (1913-2005) and summed up in five questions. To these questions, help verbs can be added. The background to this, is that we have experienced that not all are heard in different social contexts and school situations.

Take out an example from your experience and use the questions below to analyze and discuss alternatives in the chosen example. Take Notes:


Who is talking?

who is allowed by whom to talk?

who dares to talk?

who wants to talk?

who is scared to talk?


Who is being responsible?

who is responsible for whom?

what is the role of the teacher?

what is the role of the parent / legal guardian?

what is the role of the child?


Who is acting?

Who can act? Do?

Who is allowed to act? Do?

Who dares to act? Do?

Who wants to act? Do?


Who is telling?

Who can tell?

Who is allowed to tell?

Who dares to tell?

Who wants to tell?


Who is remembering?

Who can remember?

Who is allowed to

Who dares to remember?

Who wants to remember?

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