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Ask yourself or others these questions: 


  • How can we make things understandable?

  • How can we make things manageable?

  • How do we make things meaningful?



About SOC

(Sense Of Coherence)


Often we point out the problems and the mishaps in our social lives. The patogene processes are thus often in focus. Aaron Antonovsky (1923-1994) presented his model for the salutogene processes: the person’s ability deal with stress and promote health. Central in this are the concepts of manageability, comprehensibility and meaning. Antonovsky had studied how some persons became sick under stress and others could cope with stress.


(salus (Latin) = health, genesis (Greek) = origine)


The 3 Components of SOC





to understand, to see that what is experienced, from the inner and the outer, is coherent, clear and structured





to know how to manage, to do, to see what resources can be used to handle the situation, to cope and solve problems and not see them as burdens





to see the meaning of the situation, the experienced and thus have an inner motivation


The Sense of Coherence in the Salutogenic Model of Health

Here is a link to Chapter 11 by Monica Eriksson's book The Handbook of Salutogenesis (Mittelmark MB, Sagy S, Eriksson M, et al., editors.Cham (CH): Springer,  2017. 

The umbrella below is from Bengt Lindström, Monica Eriksson and Peter Wikström and is put here to make it possible to follow up the SOC concept more in detail and relate it all to personal ideas and experiences.

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